bring back the basics of birthing

"Every birth is unique.  No matter how many births I attend, that moment when new life comes into the world is magical each time.  I feel extremely lucky to share that sacred moment with so many families" 


bring back the basics of birthing

About Shayna

Before Shayna had even passed her NARM exam she accepted to go and work as Midwife in Bangladesh.  Women throughout the world are suffering during pregnancy and childbirth and Shayna wanted to go and make a difference.  She served as the head midwife and project manager while at that organization.  She has love and respect for those women and girls that she served.  While in Bangladesh she assisted at/managed over 100 births.  After spending almost 8 months there she went to Nepal.  Her organization moved her to one of the most remote places in the Far West of Nepal.  She spent her time teaching and training the staff at the government health posts.  After her year abroad, she recognizes more than ever, that life is precious and we don't need much to be happy.

Education and Experience

  • Certified Professional Midwife

  • Idaho Licensed Midwife
  • Neonatal Resuscitation Certified 
  • Adult CPR Certified 
  • DONA trained Doula
  • Cultural Competency and Global Midwife Skills Workshop
  • MEAC Accredited Suturing Course
  • MEAC Accredited Parmocology Course
  • MEAC Accredited Treatment of Shock and IV Therapy Course
  • 1 year of International Midwifery Volunteer Service

Shayna became a Certified Professional Midwife, CPM, in February of 2014.  She has been attending births since 2010.  Doula work is what first sparked her interest in the realm of home births.  Throughout her education she was able to attend births with eleven different midwives, allowing her to have a well rounded experience.  Most of her apprenticing was done in the Las Vegas area.  Through the North American Registry of Midwives, NARM, she completed the PEP Process and became a CPM.  Since becoming a CPM she has met all of the requirements to be a licensed Midwife in Idaho.